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At Wood Stock we can supply a wide range of wood flooring products to meet almost any specification or requirement, including floor planks, parquets, decks, clads and accessories. However, with such a wide platform, we have created two collections of our most popular products to help you find your way to your perfect floor, Artisan and Natural. There are, in total, 220 products in this list alone, so please do speak to one of our sales specialists to help you decide which wood product is most suitable for your project.


Choosing a floor requires that one consider several aspects: type, surface, specie and finish.


First, we supply three different floor types, Solid, Engineered and Engineered on Solid. These can each be produced with a variety of wood species, measurements, different artisan surfaces and also with various finishes.

In the chart, below, are the basic specifications for the different types of floor.

Floors summary 10



We regularly supply floors manufactured from 14 different species. Our most popular sellers, however, are some of the hardest species; Ipe, Cumaru and Sucupira.

These three species have the highest quality and durability and the most appropriate varieties for heavy traffic sites, which can so easily be marked by high heels. The chart below displays several species, and you can see that the three species are around 2.8x harder than oak.

2016-05-31 (2)


Once you have chosen the most suitable build for your project, the next question should be whether you would prefer a Natural Wood Collection surface or whether you would prefer one of our Artisan Collection floors.

Our Natural Wood Collections are designed to reveal the beautiful grain and natural luster of the wood. We have a variety of beautiful species with good performance in terms of wear and also water. The colour of a floor can either diminish our increase the light in a room, so this choice is important for the design of any interior. The relative performance of several of our most popular exotic woods are included, below.

Our Artisan Collection involves various treatments to the floor, such as wire brushing, hand scraping, dying or even painting.



Finally, we invite you to choose a finish. Our floors do come in varnish as standard, and one can choose to have matte, standard or satin. We also supply oiled floors, which are slightly less hard wearing and leave the wood grain exposed to view, but which can often be repaired without resanding. For floors supplied unfinished, specific oils must be applied to mitigate the impact of natural oil in the wood. If you would prefer a wax finish, this must be applied upon installation.



Our Chevron and Herringbone designs come in the following specifications. Our choice selection of available species is included, below. Please, keep in mind that such floors will need to be assembled on site, which will increase installation costs and complexity.

Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm)
11 65 390
18 65 390
19 100 400
19 66 500
19 33 420
19 50 630

Our selection of species:



In our parquet selection, we have several patterns that you may wish to consider.



  Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm)
Paris 19 890 890
Orleans 19 830 830
Rodez 19 480 480
Dijon Triple 19 1070 1070
Dijon 19 930 930
Lyon 19 890 890
Monaco 19 1400 1400
Monaco II 19 1160 1160
Vienne 19 100 100/200/400
Nice 19 960 960

Our parquet floors require specialist installation skills, and will be delivered in pieces, or “batons”. We would be happy to provide quotes for specialist parquet orders.


Our preferred woods for outdoor decking are Cumaru, Ipe, Teak and Maracatiara. We like these species not only for their aesthetically beautiful grains, but also because they are hard wearing and perform well when exposed to water. This means that they will have a longer lifespan before they require replacement and also keep their original luster for longer before bleaching.

Another particular factor within these four species that makes them extremely desirable for outdoor use is the presence of natural oils within the wood fibers. These oils protect the wood in conditions where they are exposed to high humidity and temperature variations, which dramatically increases the lifespan that you can expect.

The surface can be flat, grooved or distressed, with a rounded or flat edge. However, we use a specialist outdoor wood flooring oil for all exterior installations.

Specie Surface Fit Thickness Width Length
Cumaru Flat F/F 20 45 700 – 2900
Cumaru Flat or Grooved F/F 20 80 700 – 2900
Ipe and Cumaru Flat F/F 20 100 700 – 2900
Ipe, Cumaru, Maracatiara Flat F/F 20 80 over 2000
Cumaru Distressed F/F 20 100 over 2000
Cumaru Distressed F/F 20 100 700
Cumaru Distressed MF


20 100 over 2000


Tread and Riser

We supply treads and risers with the following measurements:

Thickness (mm) Width (mm)
20 150
20 200
30 350

These can be supplied in the several species, each finished to the desired specification, including Cumaru, Ipe, Jatoba, Golden Peroba, Peroba Mica, Sucupira and Tauari

*N.B. There are some limitations to Distressed finishes achievable with these species. Please, speak to one of our specialists for further information.


Due to the installations requirements of ceiling cladding, as with wall coverings, these items are delivered unfinished for assembly and finishing on site.

The below schematic displays how these pieces are joined during installation.


We supply ceiling cladding in several species:



Our collection of wall cladding is delivered in 20 mm2 wooden pieces (45 x 45, 68 x 68 and 70 x 70 mm), mounted on a support screen. The surface of the wood is cut to best display the beautiful wood fibers. The panels themselves are built 270 x 270 or 280 x 280 mm specifications.


We supply ceiling cladding in several species:


1. Skirting boards

14 15 17